Teaching English And Maths Primary

A project of the Mathematical Association of Victoria and
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Teaching English And Maths Primary

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TEAMP members can access to the community by authenticating with their username and password. TEAMP recognises that primary teachers are not limited to teaching  one discipline; they need to be across all domains. In some cases, especially for smaller schools, this makes joining each individual professional teaching association  quite cost prohibitive. TEAMP assists this issue by assisting educators cross disciplinary approach.

TEAMP members aims to engage educators in a professional rapport with colleagues, experts and mentors. As TEAMP is inclusive of early childhood education, teachers can learn from each other, particulary in transitioning children from early learning educational settings into more formal primary school learning environments.




Members Benefits

Professional Engagement
As a TEAMP member you will be able to meet like-minded teachers, to share ideas about classroom practice and best ways to build the confidence of young children with their learning.

TEAMP membership is a free service for educators who have an interest in early childhood and primary school education.


TEAMP is constantly building building resources contributed by teachers sharing experience, expertise, knowledge and skills.

TEAMP is digitally ready for you to access resources anywhere, any time from any mobile device, that is, your computer, your tablet or smart phone.

Professional Learning

TEAMP provides ongoing professional learning program for Early Years and Primary teachers throughout the year. Registration for this professional learning activities is available through the MAV.

If you have any ideas to share about professional learning needs to build the TEAMP community or require assistance at your school please be in contact TEAMP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Professional Knowledge

Change is constant in education. TEAMP membership will keep you up to date with latest developments in teaching and learning, education news and showcase best practice in English and mathematics education.

Join TEAMP today. A community run by teachers for teachers of English and mathematics accessed anywhere any time.








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